Welcome to Pandemonium!
In Monster Tower our world is colliding with the world of Pandemonium! A place filled with monsters and mythical creatures! the veil between our world and Pandemonium has begun to tear and now a group of young Adventurers have woken up on what they thought would be a normal Saturday morning only to find that a mysterious Tower acrawling with monsters has appeared in the middle of their neighborhood! What caused this dimensional rift? Can the kids make it to the top of the tower and close the portal before the Tower and the veil between our world and the world of Pandemonium completely crumbles? And where in the world are all the parents?

The Game
Monster Tower (beta) is a narrative based rules-light One-Page TTRPG designed to introduce kids, and parents alike, to Role Playing Games! Monster Tower is designed to be played by at least two people. The Game-Master (GM) and then at least one other player to play an in-game character. For maximum fun we recommend no more than five players.

What you need to play
A Copy of Monster Tower
A Block Tower (Ie. Jenga Tower or similar.)
A couple of regular six-sided (d6) dice.
Paper/index cards.

Monster Tower was designed by Ryan Cagle and his two Feral Children!